You need to get going…

Look I’m not here to judge anyone based on how you’re progressing in your lifestyle change. I know it took me years to get myself moving in the right direction, so, I get it.

But it’s finally time. If not now, when?

Don’t think about how great you’ll feel after 3 years of exercising.

Don’t think about whether you’ll be able to run a half-marathon next year.

Just think about the first step. What’s that FIRST milestone you can set for yourself to build the confidence to keep going?

It doesn’t have to be a BIG STEP!

You don’t need to set a target of “Lose 20 pounds.”

You don’t need to run a 5K.

Forget about it!!

Try this:  decide what you can commit to every. single. day. Just 5:00 of brisk walking? Great! Only 10 push-ups right when you wake up? Sure!

Do something for the next 66 days and you’ll have a brand new habit 🙂

Give it a shot, let me know how it goes!

I’ve plowed through TWO new habits this year and I’m on my third. You can too!

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