You can eat that too! 7 things you may not know…

Feel overwhelmed by how to eat better??

If you’re like me, then, when you start to even think about eating “better” it always turns into this loonnggg list of things you cannot have. Sometimes, we over-generalize common foods and make assumptions on what is not “OK” to eat in order to still meet your goals.

Ice cream? Donut holes?? YES!!!

Well, let’s not get carried away… according to the folks over at Reader’s Digest who put together this article on 7 Diet Misconceptions, you can still have some freedom in what you consume.

Just, ya know, be “smart” about it 😉

For example, think about your choices: bagel vs. donut hole. If we’re talking calories, the bagel is LOADED and you’re better off with the tiny donut.

Or, think about your exercise routine in general: thinking that “I’ll just work it off”? Nah, not always!

If you’re really wanting to start a diet without the confusion, then I suggest you head over to that article (short read!) and dispel some of those dieting myths we’ve all been hamstrung by in the past.

That’s it for this week. Hope you guys are doing awesome and let me know how I can help!

– Brandon

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