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So we were talking about glass vs. plastic food containers. Sorry if you’re not even aware, but, people have been leery of plastic food containers in recent years.

Apparently toxins can seep from the plastic, into your food, then that’s bad…I guess…

Listen, I’m no scientist and I haven’t been in a lab where this is being tested so I can’t say. I’m just as, or more leery, of stuff on the internet without references, so I just could’t settle this one in my brain.

I needed one of my subscribers to settle it for me, and the rest of us 🙂

Here was the idea:  If someone could provide conclusive evidence that glass is safer for us, then, I’d send you $50 worth of glass food containers. Their choice, on 🙂

I just could’t find anything more than bloggers’ opinions and lists, which were noble, but, I needed some real facts.

Fast forward a few days and Harrison was able to finally put this topic “to bed” for me with some of his research.

I encourage you to look into this because, as Harrison mentioned in his email, he had never really considered the “health” aspect of glass vs. plastic. SO, this helped him form an opinion on the topic and I encourage YOU to do the same

Here’s the reference that settled it for me 🙂

Others like Nancy and Tammy had some research to offer, and I’ll put all the links at the bottom of this email so you can be better informed!

Hey if you like this sort of stuff (ya know, FREE stuff!) then let me know. I’m happy to help us help each other, and, throw some goodies around too 😉

Someone recommend a topic and we’ll look into it!

I’m so happy that Harrison was able to look into this and get some awesome glass meal prep containers to use with his ActivEssential Meal Prep Lunch Bag. Here’s a quick shot of what he has to use now for his meal prepping:


OK, that ‘s it! The research links are all below, enjoy!

USGBC: Why Glass Better Plastic

Eat Right: Glass vs. Plastic

HP Corporate Group: Why Glass Food Packaging

WebMD: Shoppers Guide to Food Safety

The Alternative Daily: Final Verdict on Non-Toxic Containers

Washington Post: Why Glass Jars Aren’t Necessarily Better…

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