3 basic tips: stay on track and stop over-thinking your new plan to eat better and lose weight

You’ve made a decision to start working out (great!) and you’ve already wondered what to do next. Naturally, our mind turns to eating better and looking for what foods we can eliminate from our lives. Conversely, we need to consider what foods to include as well.

The question we ask A LOT is this:  What are the best foods to eat to lose weight?

  1. There are no “best foods” to eat lose weight. It’s all about eating less calories than you’re supposed to. With that said, you want to focus primarily on protein. Eating protein-rich foods is the key to losing weight because it helps with building and maintaining muscle (especially when losing fat). More importantly, protein keeps you full longer than when you’re eating carbs. Now, I’m sure you know that it’s easy to see what foods would be considered “bad” even if you eat below your calories. High calorie foods will make it harder for you to stay below your calorie intake.
  2. If you’re only able to eat 1500 calories before you start gaining weight, imagine eating a 1500 calorie meal made up of a traditional burger and fries. And that’s only one meal! You’ve already reached your calories for the day in one meal and when you eat any more, you end up going over your calories and gaining weight. But let’s say you eat some low calorie tacos, totaling at 500 calories. Now you still have 1000 calories left for the day.
  3. If all this sounds complicated, don’t feel overwhelmed. You can calculate calories using apps like MyFitnessPal. But more importantly, you want to start getting in the habit of looking at what foods have a high amount of calories. When in doubt, focus on protein!

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