Where will your wight loss be in 6 months?

Having the courage to make long, lasting changes can be enough to exhaust even the best of us. We spend years wondering “when” and “:how” we are ever going to improve our ways of living, and once we get the right spark to take action it should be allll gravy from there right??

Wrong. But, of course you know that 😉

Lasting and positive change, like so many other things in life, is 1% preparation and 99% execution. While those years of waffling and trying this fad diet and that new gym may seem like the long build-up to a “new you,” the reality is that the long build-up comes in the long, boring months and years ahead once you decide to change.

A big part of that journey onward is hitting a plateau, or “leveling-off,” of your results. Say you make all kinds of great decisions, and stay focused for 6 months and lose 25 pounds. Then, you stay at that weight for the next 2 months even though you’re doing the same things as the 1st 6 months.

Confusing, huh??

Lucky for you, I just happened to bring this up during a recent segment on my Anchor.fm channel. You can here my 90-second thought on dealing with plateaus here:  Episode 020



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