What’s driving you to better health, or more time for fitness, or weight loss?

Inspiration 1

Sometimes, just taking the leap is the way to get it rolling.

Wanting to improve our health is one thing, and another is taking the time ans setting goals to actually workout our ambitions.

The typical lifestyle we are living is doing so much damage to our future. Never mind the pudge in your belly, or the double chin, or the 34 pants that used to be 32. That stuff is manageable. It changes slowly. You get used to it. What you’re concerned with is your future-self. If we had a Delorian we could go ask him, but we don’t.


Future Self 1

See you could be robbing nice, comfortable years from him. He has great-grandkids he wants to enjoy and a wife of many faithful years he wants to sit with. And if he’s a NY Jets fan, he might still be waiting for a Superbowl win.

So find your inspiration and get going. Small little things are huge decisions in the future.

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