Trying to get out of your own way? 10 tips to help…

Have you set any new goals?? It doesn’t only happen at the beginning of the year!

I know how difficult it is to make changes. Habits die hard! Many of us have, or once had, very unhealthy habits. Smoking, eating junk food, or too much time on the couch are probably the most common examples.

Why do we do these things? We’re hooked, or, maybe we just haven’t envisioned anything else.

So how do we overcome these habits that take such a firm grip on our lives?? As we read last week, a lot just has to do with setting goals. OK, great! But then what?!?

You gotta get in the right mindset... be positive: think “happy thoughts” 🙂 No really, picture yourself in that future state. What does that person look like or do or say in certain situations?

If you want to lose 20 pounds, does that person (you, minus 20 pounds) order the double cheeseburger or the grilled chicken salad?? Be that person as much and as often as you can. A little bit at-a-time. Baby steps!!!

For more tips, go read through the rest over at U.S. News.

This brand is about providing value to YOU, and, that may be encouragement, information or products. But you have to take action and consider your dreams as within reachMostly, get started and we’ll help along the way.

Hey, that’s it for this week!

Hope this helps 🙂

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