3 must-have things: these are sure to make your hard work pay off

Last week we addressed the issue of “what to eat to lose weight” and it came out clear that it is about what not to eat more than anything else. That takes discipline, focus, and lots of time to form new positive habits. From grocery shopping to moments of weakness walking past the doughnut shop, we have to reprogram our minds to be successful.

A big part of eating better is tracking what you consume.

I recently made a video about this on our Facebook Page, you can check it out here:  Eating right and exercising takes work AND preparation

Being able to track what you do, and measure your results, will mean everything in your mission to realize a better version of yourself. If you want to eat better to avoid some health problems, or if you are just tired of feeling tired from eating poorly, you will want to keep track of it all.

I encourage you to watch that video linked above, and let me know what questions you have about tracking your food consumption.

ONE TIP:  since you will have a few go-to things to eat, you should create a little cheat sheet with the nutrients for each meal so that when you record that, you don’t have to do the math each time 😉

So in summary, here is what you need to be on a path to success:

  1. Some type of journal, preferably one designed just for eating
  2. A calculator, so probably just your smartphone
  3. Your custom cheat-sheet to reference all the “everyday” things you eat

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