This ONE tip will make the treadmill your new best friend :)

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So you’ve got an on-again, off-again relationship with the treadmill?? I get it: running “along,” aimlessly with nothing to really distract you from the monotony of it all. Isn’t it ironic that by being on the treadmill you are both a) going somewhere in your fitness journey and b) not going anywhere…just floating there with your legs spinning.

If this sounds familiar, then you feel the exact same way that I do about it all: running = great; treadmills = not so much.

Hey, even if you’re against running altogether, then I’ve got a tip that you may not have considered yet…


That’s it! Give the incline feature a try. Do it at a nice, slow pace. One where you can still hear your own thoughts and not have your earbud cable bouncing around like crazy everywhere.

AND, you can reach for your water bottle or towel without losing balance!

So I tried this recently and maybe got a little carried away. I went for an 8 Incline and felt pain in my lower back after a few “laps.”

After looking into this, it seems you should start smaller and work your way up…go figure!!

Before you jump on and get going, hop on over to this article by Live Strong about how to get your body ready for some serious calorie-burning cardio that doesn’t take every ounce of will power you posses and kill your knees while at it!

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