The real secret to success

So, a lot has been said (for years and years) about the “secret to success” of any one person or company, or group of people.

“How do they do it?”

“What’s their secret?”

I wanted to take a moment and just throw in our two cents, as a brand that cares deeply about helping you fulfill your dreams:  it takes perspective.

First things first, just the acknowledgement that others around you (the entire human race, actually) have different perspectives. Many, many things form those perspectives and we won’t even go there today. It’s just important to realize that people may, and likely do, see things differently than you do.

Next, we have to have the right perspective for our situation.

Let’s use an example:  “changing our diet”

The unhealthy foods have got to go, and we’ve known it for sometime. But, what’s the “secret” to making that a sustainable change? Perspective.

Here’s one way we can see things to change our diet:  this is our only body, and anything we need to do to “repair” it is only getting more expensive. And, at a certain point, we won’t even be able to do much for ourselves if it gets too bad; our loved ones will have to take care of us!

See, shifting from “It’s my life, I enjoy the junk food, and you only live once” to a perspective of “Oh man, I can’t afford diabetes in 15 years and I really don’t want my kids to have to take care of me at 70 because I indulged in my 40’s.”

That’s a different perspective. It’s selfless, and it works.

What are you trying to change your perspective on?

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