Strength training for beginners

This is something that I think a lot of us can benefit from understanding:  What are the basic ways to get started in strength training? Is it weights, at a gym or home, pull-ups, etc… There are a bunch of options out there and this post is to help you understand what might work best for you.

Bodyweight Workouts

Look into resistance bands and find a comfy spot in your house or apartment. There are TONS of workouts out there that you can do by leveraging your own weight and a resistance band.


Still at-home, you can pick up a set of dumbells maybe even at a yard sale or the Goodwill store. Take them home, and look up some exercises on Youtube and get after it.


This one likely will call for a bench to do your bench presses, but there’e plenty else you can do:  squats, deadlifts, etc. Again, look for a barbell and weight set and get it home. Try out some exercises for a couple of weeks and give it a chance!

As always, the keys are to do your research, think about what will suit YOU (not what you see everybody else doing!) and then give it a shot by being consistent and tracking your progress. Go see our last blog post about setting proper goals, too.

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