So you think exercise equipment might help your fitness goals?

Excellent! If you’re committed, then you’re COMMITTED and a reasonable investment in yourself could be the way to get going.

Before we head out for a bunch of workout clothes, a gym membership, or brand-spanking-new treadmill, consider this:  buy used.

Whhatt??? That’s right! I thought buying used exercise equipment sounded strange, but, yeah, you could save a bunch of cash for that $65 Nike Drifit shirt.

All kidding aside, making the decision to be more active and to improve your lifestyle is a serious ambition. And before you get started, I want you to consider how to do it responsibly and not expect all the “things” to make it easier or whatever.

With that said, below are some pointers on how to buy a used treadmill. This guy apparently buys and resells used exercise equipment and has some pointers on how to assess used treadmills before actually borrowing your friend’s truck to go buy one.


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