Not into cardio? No problem!

Used Treadmill 1
Right where it belongs … outside!

Okay so maybe that’s a little harsh (I love my treadmill) but I know many of you do not care for the treadmill. Or, the stair-climber or the elliptical or anything that forces you to dig down, wayyyy down into the depths of your soul to just. keep. going.

Let’s start with this:  if it were easy, lots of people would feel and look great and those of us that have done something wouldn’t be so proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s ALL hard, so there … no whining!

But there are still options which fit each of us “better” and hey, why not seek them out 🙂

First, people don’t always realize that lifting weights and strength training, in general, can be a great form of cardio. We posted in September about how to lose weight without the weights, but if you aren’t someone who is against lifting some iron then it may be the alternative for you.

Next, consider any sports or activities that you enjoy:  rock-climbing, kayaking, basketball. If there’s something that you could even be remotely be into, find a way to make it part of your life. Once you get the hang of it, and form a routing, then BAM! there’s your cardio 🙂

The point is this:  don’t limit yourself based on what you think are the only options. Look around the internet, ask some people who you know are into activities, and maybe something will “present itself” for you to give a shot.

Try things, and be consistent enough to give them a shot.

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