Most common struggles (you are NOT alone)

I wanted to talk about common struggles we experience when trying to change our lifestyle. We’ve talked before about how much of success and change is about making better habits.

Your choices determine your habits and your habits determine your success. Period! And, yes, it’s borrinnggg!! Ask ANY successful person who looks to be breezing through it and, trust me, they’re grinding just like the rest of us.

SO how do we even get to “the grind”? Many of us have visions in our mind or dreams, but, what’s in our way? Lot’s of things!

I spend a lot of time in Facebook Groups trying to understand what everyone is thinking, discussing, and experiencing in their journeys to a “better” life.

Here’s what I found: We’re more alike than we are different!!

“How do I get (and stay) motivated to just workout?” (check out the last post about this 😉

“I just want to start by walking. Is that helpful, at all?” (Check out this article on 14 ways walking can help)

“I don’t have the extra funds to pay a gym membership. What can I do?” (Check out this article on 5 very specific ways to workout without a gym)

Like I said, we all pretty much wonder the same things and experience the same struggles. I truly hope this research has triggered some thoughts (and, motivation) for you on this awesome day 🙂

OK, that’s it … go start working towards your goals!!

‘Til next time,

– Brandon

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