Is your lunch safe? 12 tips for everyday…

Safe Lunch 1

Let’s talk about LUNCH 🙂

No not the “Time of Day” when you get to put everything down and pretend that it’s Saturday…your actual lunch, you know, the FOOD!

I hope that, by now, you know how important diet is to us at ActivEssential! Just making smarter choices about what you eat is a great leap forward for many of us, but there’s more to it than just the “what.” Let’s talk about the “how.”

So, “how” do we have our lunch everyday so that we are eating healthier and saving a few bucks? We take it to work!

ActivEssential offers a great solution for this type of plan, and it’s available trough or you can check it our on our website

While this is a great product that LOTS of people have gotten value from lately, you still need to make sure your food is safe within a lunch box for the day.

I found some great tips courtesy of Very Well Family and I really want you to check them out! It’s a nice little “listicle” that you can scan through in just a few minutes.

Go check it out HERE and let me know what you think!

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