How to lose fat w/o the weights!

Hey there!

Hope your summer is wrapping-up nicely and that you’ve had at least some chance to take time away from the grind this season.

With warm weather fading out, and holidays creeping in, some of us may begin to settle into the same ‘ol “Holiday Mode” where it’s getting colder, and more time is spent with our friends and family in comfort zones and we eat … a lot, of food.

And, at some point we may regret our indulgences and decide to get on track with some positive lifestyle changes, but how??

The first thing that typically comes to mind is “What do I do with any extra fat that I have?” In our culture, gym workouts involving weights come to mind pretty easily and we see this question often:

“I don’t want to lift weights (or do minimal weights). Can I still lose fat?”

Yes! You can use any weight machine in a gym just to keep your muscles working. More importantly, you can do any cardio machine or any activity that gets you moving. Want to use a rock climbing wall? Go kayaking? Bike ride? Take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes Have at it! You’ll burn calories and still lose fat.

Remember, the key is to focus on your nutrition because if you’re eating too much even while doing all of this activity, you won’t lose weight.

So, back to “Holiday Mode.” Instead of waiting for regret, how about you try some things out now and be in a better position, come Thanksgiving time or Christmas??

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