How to choose an exercise program

So you’re starting to think “Maybe I can commit to this exercise thing.”

But, how? Our post from August 1st went into some detail to answer a frequently asked question about “what” to do.

This seems like an easy trap to fall into, wherein you busy yourself with analyzing the options and looking for the “perfect” solution. There may be no perfect solution for you, but here are a few questions to consider:

1. Is it appropriate for your goals?

If your goals are to lose 30 pounds, then you might want to consider some version of cardio combined with better eating habits. Maybe don’t go lifting weights only!

2. Is it appropriate for your experience and ability?

Walking into the cross-fit place and wanting to jump into a program with all veterans may not be the best way to go. Have someone you can trust give their opinion of what you should/should not be doing right off the bat, and stay in your lane!

3. Is it appropriate for your time and schedule?

Are you a morning person? If you are, then maybe hitting the treadmill or running around the block during pre-dawn hours will be great for you. But, wait, what about the 2 year old that’s usually awake 20 minutes after you are awake every. single. morning?

4. Is it fun for you?

Finally, is it something you remotely enjoy doing? Better yet, is it just plain FUN?? You’ll never know unless you try, so if you’re able to try various things for “fun” then you should. No rush! Getting started in some way will be huge for you long-term.

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