How to be healthy like “that guy”

What does a “healthy” person look like?

Without a doubt, I think of a person who eats salads all the time and scoffs at any kind of sugary treat. To me, that’s a person who has a vendetta against how our society eats and is making a statement with their life. Is this a wrong way to see it? Yeah, probably, but it’s the “avatar” that I’ve always had of a “Health Nut.”

What about you?? When you think of someone that is super-healthy, and they always seem to look and feel good, what kind of person are they? Are they actually aloof in life and just taking credit for good genes, or have they spent years trying to live a more rounded life? Knowing what I know now, and based on research of the topic, a lot of these “healthy people” are just like you and me.

Difference being, they made some key choices about their life and stuck with them. What are those choices??

  • Commitment. Once they decided things had to be different, no matter how drastic the change, they stuck to it. And that ain’t easy!
  • Perspective. A person with the drive to stick to it must see their life through the best possible lens, and choose to focus on the positive aspects and let gratitude drive them forward.
  • Courage. Being “different” in how you live and changing course takes guts. Not only because some around you may scoff or make comments, but because our own head will start to challenge your “new ways” and you’ll need a stronger side to push through.

Everything else falls into place from here. The “super-healthy people” are not “super-human,” or freaks of any kind; they simply want to live a certain way, and they make smarter choices. Easier said than done, for sure, but these three things are a great way to be on that same path to a better you.

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