Gene Kelly can help you get into a rhythm…



That’s right!

I came across an article published by Psychology Today about why we can’t seem to get into a rhythm of exercise. It all comes down to being uncomfortable.

Check out the article here but, trust me, it’s kind of a simple idea: we don’t like to be hotter, colder, or bothered in any way! 1st World Problems!!

See according to the author at PT, if anything disrupts our normal state then we tend to have a harder time sticking to it. Makes sense!

I love sitting on the couch in 72 degrees watching Netflix. Super-comfy, right?!

Problem is, NO-ONE has gotten anything worthwhile done like that. Well maybe you … I dunno … hey let me know if anything awesome happened in your life by sitting around because I’d love to talk!

So what to do about not liking to be “uncomfortable”? Force yourself into something obviously uncomfortable and get used to it. Something slightly easier than running and panting for 2.5 miles on a treadmill. Like, walking in the rain with no umbrella.

I’m not real sure about the hard-core “psychology” behind it, if any, but, give the article some thought and see if anything might help YOUget into an exercise rhythm.

That’s it for this week, hope you guys are doing awesome.

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