Here we want to address some of the questions that always seem to come up.

Whether you're looking to try a different diet, or exercise routine, or looking for experiences with products then you can start here.


Should I always stretch before exercising?

Not necessarily. Research has indicated that the type and intensity of your exercising impacts the risk of injury and degree of muscle soreness more than stretching.

If I do push-ups faster, won't I burn more calories?

The rate at which you complete the exercise has little impact. For example, push-ups:  if a 180 pound man does 100 push-ups in 5 minutes, he'll burn 34 calories. If that same man does 100 push-ups in 3 minutes, he'll burn 35. The real benefit is seen in how heavy you are:  the more weight you are pushing, the more calories you can burn.

I started walking and want to transition into running. What's the best way?

Make sure you still do 5-10 minutes of walking to begin. Then, keep your running segments to 30-45 seconds with 3-4 minutes of brisk walking in between the running. Keep this routing until you feel 100% OK to run continuously after walking warm-up.


Is it true that plastic food containers are bad for your health?

Well, there's no conclusive evidence to back that up. See this article by the smarty-pants at Harvard Medical.

Harvard Article on Plastic Food Containers

Are smoothies suitable as meal replacement?

They can be! Just ensure that you include quality ingredients and not too much sugary stuff. Lowfat milk, a bit of fruit, etc. can do the trick. Just stay away from carbs and starchy veggies, and as with anything:  keep it in moderation and not over-do it. Nobody needs a Big Gulp Smoothie!!