Confused by exercise options?

Yep, me too! There are so many different exercise regimens (Strength training, running,
elliptical, cross-fit, bodybuilding, high intensity training, etc.) It seems so confusing. How
do you even choose what to do?

Consider these points:

You can do anything you want. You just want to find something you feel
comfortable with. Maybe martial arts is your thing. Or maybe you want to do a
beach workout.

There is no one “right” way to exercise. However, if you want an easy way to start we have a couple of workouts you can do at home or in any gym to get you started.

Here’s one of LOTS of at-home workout articles

Once you begin to like something, you can add more to it, or switch entirely to something else. The key is to focus on consistency. Maybe you hate working out in gyms but prefer going for a bike ride on a trail. If there’s something that doesn’t interest you, you can find something else that does! This is the best part about exercise because the world is your oyster.

Remember that nutrition is important with any fitness activity because the better you can recover, the more you can do and the more enjoyable it will be.

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