What should you do?

A couple of weeks ago we highlighted a frequent question:  “How do I lose fat without any weight training?”

There are lots of things, and I encourage you to go back and check out the post from September 5th about it.

One way that’s most common is “some form of cardio.” This comes in many forms, and many people don’t like it because it’s hard to endure. For example, running can be boring for some and it takes controlled breathing which doesn’t always come so naturally to people.

BUT, if you want to do something that doesn’t require weights, then “cardio it is.” Before you go lacing up your sneaks for a jog around the block, let’s consider some things:

  • What is fun for you now? Hiking, sports, walking the dog?

Maybe you can create some sort of routine based on what you already enjoy doing, like hiking. Try hiking a faster pace with some heavy stuff on your back. Be sure not to hurt yourself, consult a chiropractor!

  • What is available to you/convenient? Safe roads or sidewalks? A treadmill in your basement? Some free gym access?

Take advantage of what’s around you. For example, some may not live in a neighborhood setting, so their only option is a treadmill to jog on. Maybe you live in a community with an included fitness center. Use what’s available, and that will help you stick to whatever it is!

Bottom line is this:  try some things, use what’s available, and don’t feel “pigeon-holed” into any certain method. Do you, but do it well 🙂


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