About the Brand

ActivEssential is about helping you be the best version of yourself. Having the right perspective and motivation is key, and this brand will support you through content and community.

Why is ActivEssential a thing??

Because I had a long journey of self-discovery and it finally came to a point where I felt like I could improve myself, and I want to share with you how I did it so that you can do the same.

As early as 1996, at just 15 years old, my poor health choices had begun:  I was a teenager smoking cigarettes like an adult and certainly not getting any regular exercise.

In the fall of 1998, my grandfather dies of a heart attack at just 55 years old:  as a kid, still, this didn't make much of an impact on me. At 17, the age of 55 didn't seem all that young.

At some point in 2001, I was first informed that I had higher than expected levels of bad cholesterol in my blood:  "Eat more salads" they said. Sure. Again, at just 20 years old I wasn't worried about a thing.

My decision to join the US Air Force in 2002 forced me to do some exercise:  I had to be ready for a 2-mile run so I whipped into shape, and it went great.

And the next 5 years were essentially lost, until I decided to quit smoking and run A LOT throughout 2007. I was down to 148 pounds at 6' 1"...  here's a picture of "skinny me" in August of 2007...

By 2017, man, I'd let myself "go." I wasn't quite overweight, but I was knocking on the door. Problem for me, was that it mostly concentrated in my belly and it was impossible to ignore.

So I kept telling myself "You've got to fix this ... some day." Well, that day never came. Why? Because I didn't have a good enough reason.

I always thought that I should not have a belly, or that I should be able to run a few miles, but those things never motivated me.

Until one day, I decided that I wanted to change the trajectory of my life completely. Professionally, first, and that led me to believe that in order to achieve the professional goals I had in mind, I had to be in better shape:  because, the person I envisioned myself to be in 20 years ate responsibly and dedicated time to exercise.

Then, I also realized that in my personal life I wanted to be the best, most capable husband and father and in order to do those things I had to be better to my body. And, I didn't want to die at 55 ... I've got kids that I want to raise! Dying in 18 years is NOT an option to me!

So here I am, with all the motivation in the world. Things are going well and I'm excited to share some things that have helped me along the way.

What's your motivation?