5 steps to consistency…

“Just do it”

“Mind over matter”

These are all technically true and effective sayings for (eventually) making change in your life. Or, just plain getting things done!

They’ve never sounded very practical to me, though, and I personally always like specifics. Hey, would you tell someone to “just make the risotto” without any ingredients or steps?? NO!!

Then why have we accepted “just do it” as the only guidance? Yes, sure, it’s motivating once you know WHAT to “do.”

I struggle with this in my own business and I hope this perspective can help you get things done and make the change you want this year.

Looking through some content online, I found this down-to-earth approach on how to be consistent in more than just three famous words.

1. Keep your “why” in mind

2. Pick your battle

3. Schedule it

4. Ignore your feelings

5. Catch that wagon

They might sound a little “out there” on the surface, but, trust me, once you watch this 7-minute video by MarieTV you’ll “get it.” 😉

Hey, that’s it for now!

Hope you have a great weekend and are able to get something out of this…let us know on the Facebook Page !!!

‘Til next time!

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