4 Tips for when this happens to you…

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If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that ActivEssential is made exactly for those of us wanting to feel and look better physically! So, naturally, we have shared lots of tips and insights along the way to *hopefully* help you in your journey or to get you going.

Many times, getting going can actually be the easy part. If you’re really motivated to feel and look better, for whatever reason, then one day you’ll just decide “That’s it! I gotta do this!” So off you go. Yayyy, you!

And it’s all great at first: exercise routine to help you feel better and have more energy; healthier foods that are lighter and more satisfying; and, maybe, even a few pounds off of that belly. But wait!

Does it just keep going?? NOPE!

Struggles are abound: maybe a leg or hip starts hurting; maybe the healthy food choices become mundane or expensive (just stay out of Whole Foods, seriously.) Orrr, maybe, those few pounds turn into 7 and poof!! no more...the dreaded “plateau.”

Oh great. You’ve gotten yourself all fired-up, done good for like a month then it stops…

Weight-loss plateau is a real thing and we need to talk about it.

But does it have to be indefinite? NOPE! I did some internet searching and found a reputable source on the topic which gives some insight into how to deal.

Check out the Mayo Clinic article on dealing with weight loss plateauing. For me, it’s good to know that there are more answers than “eat less” or “run longer.” Go check it out for some more practical tips for all of us non-athlete types 🙂

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