3 things that can stop you

As we go about changing our lifestyle, it’s not a “flip the switch” kinda deal. There is a lot of consideration, procrastination, and false starts. Much of this can be avoided by setting goals for yourself.

Yes, we all want to “get in shape” but how do we know we’ve achieved that? We need a baseline, that is, “where am I currently?”

For example, if you want to lose weight then first you must know how much you currently weigh. Then, how much do you want to lose? *HINT:  make sure there’s reason and that your amount to lose is realistic. Now, you can measure as you go along and see how far you are from your goal.

Since you are awesome and you deserve to hit your goals, I want to throw a hack into your goal-setting process:  know what can stop you.

In our weight loss example, this is pretty straight forward:  three things that can stop you from losing weight are:

  1. McDonald’s next door to place of work
  2. Ice cream addiction at night
  3. Mountain Dew habit on way home form work

The idea here is that you recognize these goal-blockers, and think about how to avoid them. Not just “I’ll take lunch everyday and never set foot in that McDonald’s again.” While that is a way to deal with what can stop you, it’s not quite specific enough:

  • What will you pack for lunch to ensure you don’t get bored with it on a random Thursday 3 weeks form now?
  • Can you leave your money and cards at home so it’s impossible to pay for food?
  • Is there a “lunch buddy” you can team up with at work for accountability and to make your lunch time more enjoyable?

This is all about risk mitigation, and with just a few minutes of uninterrupted thought, you too can set out to hit your goals by avoiding the things that could derail you.




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