1 thing to stay motivated through challenges

Starting your lifestyle change can be a long, tedious road. We get an idea into our heads, and, we think we know everything we need to do. As long as we execute, then we’ll hit our goals in no time.

Part of this is pretty awesome, because our dreams are so big that we get the courage to take the chances and work hard towards it, without anyone’s “permission.” Part of it though, sets us up for failures along the way. Yes, “failures” as in “many.”

More people than not will let the setbacks or failures completely derail them. I’m here to remind you that the idea is to see them as lessons and think about how many people never even took a step forward and have no idea about what you just learned when YOU failed something.

These “failures” are situations where we stopped going to the gym for 2 weeks, or we spent an entire weekend eating fast food. Some may think that their life is too busy or too complicated or everything is “fine how it is” and they let these setbacks determine their overall disposition.

Let’s be clear:  the setbacks do not determine your merit or ability. They merely serve as instances where you can learn and grow and BE EXCITED that you have the courage to experience those setbacks while others are on the sidelines.

Keep at it, and be strong. Use your failures to direct your future steps and before you know it, you’ll be miles ahead of where you started … even if it was a winding road.

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